Serious Games in the Health Care Industry - A market ready to explode

When most people consider the video game industry, their thoughts center on either the studios producing million-dollar triple-A games or the independent studio games that proliferate on Steam -- that is to say, consumer games. However, the potential for the games industry goes far beyond these few common themes. There are many areas in health and mental care, for example, where video games are taking hold as preferred ways to create good habits, rehabilitate injuries, and provide therapy.

Do Music and Sound Effects Enhance Player Performance in Video Games?

Not too long ago, I discovered that keeping the music and sound effects on when playing a casual game on my mobile phone improved my score compared to the times I played when I had both muted. Before this incident, I had thought that the sound and music were distracting qualities that would lower my performance when gaming. I certainly don't enjoy the repetitive sounds that emanate from video games, so I have generally played games with the music turned off. I wonder, now, if that has been hurting my scores and, if so, what is it about game music and sound effects that would make a difference in player performance?

Functional Game Testing Checklist for Indie Devs

While it is a common misconception that game testing is simply the process of finding bugs while playing through a game, there is far more to the process than this. Game testing is often a tedious and repetitious task, playing over a single scene multiple times, and focusing on things most people don't even consider when gaming -- until they're broken. Here's a brief outline of some of the things small devs should be testing for.

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