Game Testing and QA

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With more video games competing for players' attention than ever before, it absolutely critical to ensure the quality and stability of your game meets expectations. Simply put, confusing and frustrating your first customers will kill any chances your game has at reaching a tipping point of popularity -- no matter how innovative and engaging you've strugged to make it.

Game testing is your front-line defense against release-killing bugs and game mechanic missteps that will introduce themselves into your games with each bug fix and update.

Functional Game Testing for Indie Devs

There's more to testing a video game than simply making sure it's fun. This article outlines some of the different ways independent developers can test their games througout the production cycle.

Is Game Testing your Dream Job?

While it's an entry-level position in the video game industry that doesn't require experience or a particular education, it does require some specific skills, and it may not be the job you're dreaming of.

Usability Testing in Game Development

Usability testing is often overlooked in indie game development for a variety of reasons, including time and cost.This article outlines some heuristic frameworks that make it less time-consuming and expensive to test your game for usability and playability.

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